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Tagederms, Attest, Traspore, Micropore, Littman Stethescopes, N95 Mask, Steri drapes, Ioban, Cavilion cream / Spray
Diagnostic Equipment, Otoscopes, Opthalmoscopes, ECG Machines
Paper Towel dispensers, Kim guards, Medical wipes, Paper towels, Soap dispensers, Anti bacterial soap
Drapes, Surgical gowns, N95 masks, Sterilization wraps
Includes Suprapubic drainage set, Nephrostomy
Srt Tubing, Dressing trays, Vacutal Suction Liners, Abdonimal Swabs, Cotton wool balls, Cleaning swabs, Sterile / Non sterile Gauze
Wheelchairs, Walking frames, Tripods, Crutches elbow, Aneroid sphygmomanometer, Stethoscopes, Height and weight scales, 40% oxygen masks, Bull nose guages, Pin Index Guages, Flow meters
Cervical collar (Velcro), NPA Ambulance Collar, ID Bands, Finger splints Aluminium, Wire Kramer splints, Phototherapy Eye protectors, Tubulor support
Laryngoscope sets, Ear syringe, Rescue Scissor, Cusco Speculoms, Patella hammer, DIssecting kits, Sharp/sharp scissor, Sharp blunt scissor, Kidney dishes, Gallipots, S/steel measuring jugs, Instrument trays with lid, B.P Handles, Dental syringe
Dressing trolley, Instrument trolley, Examination couches, Bedside screens, Utility drug cabinet mobile, Emergency trolley, Drip stand, elbow soap dispenser, Foot stools

Best Products

We are sole agents for various TiCare Products and are distributors of many similar strong brands. With dedication, competitive pricing and great customer service we ensure that we maximize our clients income.

Countrywide Delivery

We supply and deliver to hospitals throughout KZN, as well as Lesotho, Swaziland, Johannesburg and Cape Town. We also offer services to wholesalers and doctors practices.

Great service

We wish to provide our clients with innovative ways to grow to new heights.

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